Carer Poetry Series

This Page will contain audio files on my latest poetry project for 2022.  This is for unpaid carers to listen to when they are looking to relate on their caring journey.

Expect to hear me run off a poem or two at the end of my carer groups.

1-Whats going on

2-On alert

3-The Ward Round

4-Listen to me

5-I wonder when

6-Peer Carer

7-Being there

8-The Carers assessment

9-The thin line of Patience

10-In care coordinator we trust

11-The complaint

12-Being part of it

13-The Joy of Caring


15-Thank You

16-The Journey

17-Look after yourself.

18-Brought together.

19-Never enough time

20-Picking up water in your hand

21-The mirror

22-Remind me – It’s my right


24-The long wait

25-The unwanted role

26-How do I say this

27-The Triangle

28-The carer network

29-Therapy time

30-It’s complicated

31-My story

32-The hidden link

33-Its all Greek to me

34-The shadow

35-The barrier and guide

36-I will never get used to this

37-The long road

38-No Carer’s Journey is the same

39-Is it not wrong

40-Remember to forgive yourself

41-A way forward

42-The bread line

43-The main carer

44-Angry carer


46-Rich tea and sympathy

47-What helps me

48-Thank you

49-Forever hopeful

50-A healing poem

51-Learning the hard way

52-I will never forget those memories

53-The struggle

54-Take a look around

55-Matthews big book of carer poems

56-The carer centre

57-Left out


59-I watched the news today

60-Leading from the front

61-Following others
62-Its going to hurt….however
63-A hidden voice
64-Looking at the pictures
65-Our own experience
66-What have I done
67-Be honest
68-You were there for me
69-You better learn
70-A caring community
71-Lasting legacy
73-The consultation meeting
74-Systems and processes
76-The agitator
77-What helps me
78-Carer zoo
79-Its not like it used to be
80-An inspiration
81-Are we to blame
82-What say you
83-Resting my weary head
87-In the garden
88-We ll change the system
89-I understand
90-Don’t let it catch you
91-What do I do now
92-Can you help us
93-Hows your well-being
94-In defense of
95-A rallying call
96-Hanging in there
97-Just a bit of respect
98-Give and take
102-A matter of dialogue
103-The Heart
105-Its going to happen isn’t it
106-A Healing poem
107-Light in the darkness
108-Gone but not forgotten
109-No Way
110-On Isolation
111-Everyone Suffers
112-The silent army
113-My Mother’s poetry
114-My Mother’s Poetry 2
…….more coming soon!!