Here are some videos I do for the User & Carer Led trust site.  I often try to attend or help plan events and review them for those who could not attend or review the events to give my thoughts on them.

Global Mental Health Systems  

Video explaining the basic challenges for countries around the world on developing and maintaining their mental health systems. This video looks at the mental health of Japan, USA, UK, France, South Africa, Italy, India, and many more global mental health policies.

Carers Week 2017

Video raising awareness of unpaid carers for Carers Week 2017. There are 6.5 to 7 million unpaid carers in the UK. Carers Week is a week long campaign to raise the awareness of carers up and down the country.

Acknowledging mental illness

Another collaboration video with Olive Oil Rules. This video looks at acknowledging mental illness and dealing with stigma, but heavy topics within the mental health field.

You can check out more videos off my mental health and carer channel below.