Carer Podcast Series

This Page contains audio files for unpaid carers to listen to when they are down or seeking to find hope in their long and difficult journey.

When my carer support groups start up along with the continuing carer forums, I will let other carers know about my audio files in case they need to listen.

1- Dealing with fear of becoming a carer

2- Finding faith in yourself

3- Relating to others and the community

4- Healing yourself

5- Empowering yourself as a carer

6- What you deserve

7- Being patient as a carer

8- Empowering yourself in dealing with professionals

9- Supporting the person you care for

10- Coping through grief as an unpaid carer

11- Coping through isolation

12- Dealing with difficult times

13- Identity

14- You are not on your own

15- POEM Time

16- Dealing with depression as an unpaid carer

17- Dealing with Bad News as a Carer

18- Looking after yourself as a carer

19- POEM Time

20- Reflection for yourself

21- Rewarding yourself as a carer

22- Justice and dealing with difficult people
23- Caring for the future
24- Campaigning as a carer
25- Sometimes its not fair
26- Allowing time for skill training
27- Being proud of what you have done as a carer
28- Being a peer supporter (veteran carers)
29- Failing others
30- When Feeling unwell
31- Contemplating Complaining
32- A social life
33- Coping through anxiety
34- Coping through anger
35- Being part of something (movement)
36- Keeping a diary / journal
37- When people fail you
38- When systems fail you
39- Using your voice
40- Dealing with MH stigma
41- Setting boundaries
42- Finding about things to help you in your role
43- Supporting others
44- Engaging with organisations (MH events, healthwatch, consultations).
45- Its ok to walk away
46- Forgiving yourself
47- Thanking yourself
48- When you are tired
49- Poem time
50- Befriending
51- Dealing with sadness
52- The difficult journey
53- Thanking others (compliments)
54- Finding out about mental illness
55- Its sometimes all on you
56- Knowing when to ask for help
57- Telling your story
58- Sometimes its ok to be weak.
59- Carer Stigma
60- Carers rights and knowing them.
61- Recovery
62- A message for those in power
63- Don’t forget us.
…….more coming soon!!