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The El Camino review

Welcome back to another one of my blog posts. This time my post is going to be on another event I attended some time ago. I had actually meant to write up about my experience at this event much sooner, but unfortunately I fell unwell due to a nasty cold. However never mind about that, I feel much better now and to be honest one of the reasons I felt a lot better was my experience at the El Camino performance provide by the Alchemy Project.

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Carers networking – the reasons why its important

Matthew McKenzie copyThanks for visiting my mental health carers blog. Sorry to not have blogged for a while since I have only managed to get myself a horrible cold, although I have now recovered. I thought to blog about networking and if you have gone through my other posts, you would have realised that I attend many events especially mental health and carer events. My emphasis is that carers should try to avoid being isolated, which is one of the most unfortunate things to happen to a carer.

If you do not know already a carer is someone who takes time out to carer for someone perhaps a family, friend or neighbour. Carers most often do not do this out of choice, carers hate to see their loved ones suffer if they feel support is lacking for whoever they are looking after. There are of course many other reasons why people, families and communities feel compelled to care, but I want to save that for another blog.

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My visit to the Lewisham Peoples Day 2015

Every summer the London Borough of Lewisham holds its Lewisham Peoples day.  The festival takes place over at Mountsfield Park and lasts most of the day.

So for Lewisham Peoples day 2015, I wanted to try and blog about the festival, although mainly about the Mental Health and Well-Being angle, which is what I was interested in.

people logo

As a member of the Lewisham Mental Health Connection, I spent some time at their stall talking to staff and volunteers.  The weather was lovely, I did not notice any trouble and people were friendly.  It was a great day out, but I coming from a mental health and well-being background, it was not long before I checked out the other stalls at the festival.

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The Arts and Addiction debate : Twelve

20141107_143004_2Welcome to another of my mental health blog posts. Every now and then I attend events regarding mental health, carer awareness, psychology or psychiatry field or just general health events. However although I enjoy attending such lovely events, I really enjoy events, presentations or debates on Art.

I admit that I am not an artist myself although I am creative, I am certainly not an Art critique either, but then when attending art events, I feel my lack of knowledge can be a good thing, because I have so much to gain and much to learn and enjoy.

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Croydons Hear Us Open Forum July 2015

Thanks for checking out my blog post on mental health updates, reviews and summaries.  Even though I am a carer from Lewisham, I am involved in the Mental Health Trust that provides services in South / South East London, although I do admit I sometimes wander away from South London and sometimes head to other boroughs.

As usual I tend to visit the borough of Croydon to get updates and also raise questions concerning mental health services in that area.  I took the time to review Hear Us (Mental Health Service User Project) open forum.


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