Carer Courses

I am developing new online courses for carers. I Will try to make them cheap to access, plus some courses will share course content on YouTube.

Course titles coming soon

This is a course aimed at carers who want to find out the importance of carer identification.  A basic prototype course looking at carer identification, its benefits and challenges for unpaid carers.

This course examines why carers need to learn from each other by networking.  Carer networking can work locally, online or nationally, but for any vulnerable group this is a must.

My third course aimed at carers with over 4 hours of tips, hints and information regarding carer’s rights.  Take the course today! Or email me to try out the course.

Learn how activism can help in promoting change.  The next step up from carer networking is become a carer activist.  The goal is to get others to listen.

This course focuses on explaining the importance of wellbeing for those caring for someone.  Learn tools and techniques for developing wellbeing and looking after your health as a carer.

Course in development.

New course aimed at mental health carers on information for caring for someone with mental illness. The course will explain important questions to ask, roles of professionals, pitfalls of caring.  The online course will also examine care pathways and navigating the maze of MH services.

  • Including carers in training

  • Holding to account

  • Online awareness for carers

  • Challenges of ethnic carers