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Optimizing Brain Fitness Review – Impact of Technology

Welcome to another blog post from a carer in London. I thought to do another lecture review from one of “The Teaching Company” courses. This post focuses on the course called Optimizing Brain Fitness, which is taught by Dr. Richard Restak who is a Clinical Professor of Neurology at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Dr. Richard Restak

The lecture I am interested on this course is Lecture 11 – Taking Advantage of Technology. The course has 12 lectures and examines what connections in the brain creates our thoughts, what drive our emotions, and what control our behaviours.

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Caring – What it means to me

I was so chuffed to be asked by Matthew to do a guest blog. Matthew is such a star raising awareness about carers’ issues that I feel honoured that he has asked for my views!

I regularly do a slot at Corporate Induction for South London and Maudlsey NHS – “What it feels like to be a carer?” . It is great to have a “captive audience” to get the message across about the valuable work that carers do and how involving them has a real potential to make the medical professionals’ job easier – not more complicated as is often believed to be the case.

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What defines us #carers

20141107_143004_2If you are a carer or have recently been one, I guess you are at least aware of some of the difficulties carers can face. If you are a new to the caring world then feel free to wander around my blog site, which is usually dedicated to carers helping to support those suffering mental health difficulties. My site also touches on other subjects like awareness, events and learning more about mental health and psychology, but for now I want to delve into a topic on what defines a carer.



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