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Lewisham MH Carers forum September 2018 update

133This is the last of the four MH carer forum update for September. This one runs from carers Lewisham, the Carers Centre is run by and for carers: many of their staff, trustees and volunteers are or have been carers.

The carers Centre provides information, support and advocacy for carers for the borough of Lewisham. You were hoping to have the head of social care for Adult Mental Health attend the forum, but she was unable to make it due to being unwell. The forum members are interested in her role and how it impacts on families and carers.

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Lewisham MH Carers forum August 2018 update

IMG_20180828_141300Hello everyone, welcome to the latest update from the Lewisham mental health carers forum, which took place on August the 28th carers Lewisham. I know I have missed a few updates regarding the other forums that took place in July, I am hoping to add those at a later date.

As a quick reminder, the MH carers forums give a chance for carers to get updates, engagement, empowerment and also query NHS services and policies. We had some good attendance for the latest lewisham carers forum.

The forum usually runs for 2 hours, however so much was discussed at this particular forum we actually overran. I gave updates from our local mental health trust, which is South London and Maudsley. The NHS Trust has been really good in engaging with carers forums from the Boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Croydon and Lewisham.

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Lewisham MH Carers forum June 2018 update


Here is the June 2018 update for the Lewisham mental health carers forum. We had a visit from the involvement lead for Croydon and Lewisham. With support from south London and Maudsley NHS trust, the purpose of this forum is to see who will engage with the forum throughout the year and beyond.


The Forum looks forward to the Deputy Director of the Crisis Services Psychological Medicine Management lead attending the forum in July. Members of the forum were also pleased to hear that in future in Lewisham Execitive would also drop by to explain about service updates and engage with the members.

We were also pleased to hear that a lead from the “Centre for Anxiety disorders and Trauma” would engage with the forum in October.

In regards to Triangle of care policy launched for NHS trusts, no new applications are taking place for Trusts to join. We hope that in September there will be a review and an update regarding applications to join the policy.


Last month the forum members were interested in the staffing structure at the NHS Trust particularly in Lewisham. Due to the recent structure changes the NHS Trust will update the forum once job posts have been filled.

Members of the forum also wanted a carers handbook to be placed at GP surgeries across the borough of Lewisham, however due to funding issues this cannot be possible although Lewisham CCG have kindly put information about carers in the GPS newsletter.

After the discussion with the involvement lead carers had a group discussion regarding problems carers are currently facing. We discussed the following issues:-

1. GP not always understanding carers in regards to the ‘cared for’ being referred to services.
2. The lack of respite and breaks for carers.
3. The lack of emergency respite.
4. The lack of carer activities.
5. Limited education on carers rights.

Members of the forum were wondering what on earth happened to the borough of Lewisham carers strategy considering other boroughs have their own carers strategy.

Lastly members were very pleased with the involvement lead working so hard to support the forum. We hope to hear from the lead soon.

This concludes the update for the June 2018 Lewisham mental health carers forum.


Lewisham MH Carers forum April 2018 update

IMG_20180529_135451Welcome to the Lewisham MH carers forum update for May. Out of all the four Mental Health carer forums in South London, this is the oldest one I chair. The MH carers forum ran on the 29th of May.

Carers Lewisham have been very good in supporting the forum and helping to advertise it, but we still need to reach other mental health carers in the borough of Lewisham. It is very important unpaid mental health carers know what is going on with the mental health services, let alone being engaged and trying to influence them.

For the month of May, we had guest speaker Stephanie Edwards who is the Clinical Team Leader for the Psychosis service in Lewisham. This forum was highly strategic as the forum members got a brief breakdown of the mental health services in Lewisham. The mental health service structure for the borough of Lewisham was complicated due to the current restructuring of SLaM staff, but hopefully we will have Donna Hayward-Sussex at the April forum, she is the Deputy Director of the Crisis Services within the Psychological Medicine Team.

The forum members need to know and query how mental health staff restructuring will affect service user and carers in the borough of Lewisham. As far as the forum knows, there will be be senior management consultations regarding interim posts.

Lewisham Ward Map

The mental health trust that covers 4 boroughs and a few more regarding mental health services is preparing for the CQC visit in July, they have spent a long time preparing services and involving carers and service users in ward/service inspections, which was good to hear. The MH carers forum appreciates staff have worked very hard.


Regarding future forum engagement, the members look to be updated on the NHS trusts estate developments, governance structure and involvement oppertunities. I queried how many carers does Lewisham MH services have on the books, but it can be difficult to pin down the answer, still heard that around about over 800 Mental health cases are in the books, so it gives us some idea of the number of families and carers we need to reach.

Stephanie Edwards is preparing for Lewisham’s People’s Day, so the forum looks to provide cards, posters and leaflets.

After discussions, I brought out a large map of SLaM’s services and Stephanie took time to explain what the services in Lewisham are about, who was responsible and answered queries from the forum members.

There is concern that not enough carers in the borough know what is going on and are not getting involved. There are plans to have the forum held alternatively in the evenings at the Depford community centre. We also hope the carers support group can be set up in Lewisham Hospital so new carers can gain therapeutic support since there is limited time for carers stories at a Carer MH Forum.


The forum has requested an MP visit soon from the borough of Lewisham to boost carer empowerment and understand carer issues with the borough

This concludes the update for the Lewisham MH carer forum.

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Lewisham MH Carers forum April 2018

Welcome back to my MH carer forum update from the Lewisham carers group. At the Lewisham Mental Health carer forum, we discuss carer engagement from our local mental health trust, 3 party organisations, the council and lewisham based GP surguries.

We also discuss carers rights, reports and learning about the carers role. For the april 2018 meeting. We discussed the report sent back from out local Mental health foundation trust, which is South London & Maudsley.

I usually attend and chair carer forums across South London, so it was important quality improvements for the mental health services get views from Carers. The report is fairly well written and easy to digest. I had printed out some copies for members to read at the Lewisham MH Carers forum.

We spent most of the time discussing the report, especially page 7 of the report, because that is where the write up of the carers forums were placed regarding carer issues. Despite the report being very easy to read, there were some problems. Some members felt the report was too vague and missed some things out. Other members of the Lewisham MH Carers forum felt the report is lacking in a conclusion on what needs to be done to tackle quality issues.


One of the members of the forum is going to raise their concerns back at the trust, although I am glad the quality project did mention our concerns. We hope SLaMs Head of quality can engage with the forum regarding SLaMs quality priorites.

We also had a guest speaker at the forum who promises to return to the forum again. The head of the Ladywell Mental Health unit based at Lewisham Hospital engaged with the forum. I was delighted that she was able to make it, even though she had to deal with many emergency meetings. Sam Grey spoke about her role and what a Unit manager does. She described around 7 wards and their purpose and gave an update of changing service structures regarding borough based services rather than trust wide services.

I spoke about the need for a carer support group to be set up for the whole of the Unit, mainly because such a support group existed there years ago. Plus families and carers can always make the tuesday evening for a support group. I am fortunate enough to get support from the trust’s modern matrons who themselves focus on quality priorities. The forum wanted updates and engagement from the Ladywell Unit’s phamacist also the psychriatric nurse from Lewisham hospital, unfortunately we are not sure if it is possible to get their time, but the forum is interested on how such staff deal with medication issues and also how Lewisham hospital’s A&E engages with patients and their friends/families.

I hope the update was a useful read, see you next time.

Lewisham MH Carer Forum March 2018


Here is the March update from another of the forums I chair for Mental Health unpaid carers in Lewisham. The carers forum is based at Carers Lewisham and we are always on the lookout for other carers wanting to become members of our forum.

As with other carer forums. We come together to discuss carer issues, get engagement from our Mental Health trust being South London & Maudsley and also get engagement/focus groups from other parties. It is not unknown that members from other trusts tend to pop down to observe or engage with the forum for networking purposes.

For March, the group discussed a vital important question relating to SLaM’s recent quality improvement project. The forum was asked the following question.

What’s the most important thing that SLaM could do to improve the quality of their services?

With a good turn out, I presented why carer forums need to examine its Local mental health trusts quality of services and what as a forum we can do about it.

With support from Ulalee (Carers Lewisham, carers advocate and representative). The group fed back the following.

  • Some members feel it takes too long to engage with the patient and their carers and family.

This might be due to lack of staff or miscommunication, I do not have the answers, but in the past there was more engagement with patient and carer, now many seem to feel engagement tends to happen mostly when medication is prescribed.

  • Need more interpreters to help in engagement/dialogue with mental health services.

One of our members does have difficult with English and is currently getting help from Carers Lewisham in their situation, but feels interpretation could be useful in the service.

  • Access to information when a serious incident takes place regarding families and carers (inpatient).

Some members feel confidentiality is getting in the way too much, although they do understand there is a need for it.  A member is querying why there is a lack of confidentiality booklets and why it is taking so long to print more out, however they are happy with the content of the booklets.

  • Follow up regarding the event, should be improved.

Some members hear too many stories from other carers that their ‘loved one’ is back on the ward, they do understand that the service user may have wished not to take medication, but members feel follow up after a mental health crisis is poor and the quality of follow up services should improve.

  • Improvement in medications (what the medication is meant to do “information about medication”)

Not only should there be improvement in the quality of medications, but information about medication side effects should be provided.  I have been on some wards and community treatment bases and have seen medication leaflets placed around, but members feel there should also be monitoring and discussion with the patient and carer on how medication is getting along.

  • Training of staff should improve in quality (mental health to avoid misdiagnoses)

There is a feeling the reason why so many patients end up back on the ward is because monitoring of medication is lacking, so patients come off medication due to side effects and sometimes the medication might not be working at all.  The forum members feel perhaps training staff might help.

  • Engagement to the community in regards of how families and carers can access training

Staff should be trained not only on ward engagement, but engaging with family and carers in the community.

  • Lack of social workers, need more to help improve quality of services.

It was noted that some areas under SLaM are affected more, but it is felt this was not SLaMs fault, but there is still a need for more social works and less burden on SLaM staff to end up documenting procedures/reports all the time.  Members feel the spirit of psychology/psychiatry is becoming too clerical and engagement has gone out the window.

  • Long waits for therapy / GPs should be more informed.

The gatekeepers to SLaM services e.g. GPs should be more informed about how family and carers (mainly those supporting mental health needs) can get help.  The forum also requires engagement from the CCG on such matters and wish the CCG and SLaM work in partnership on carer awareness among Lewisham GP surguries.

  • Providing better quality of support information & communication to Patient and Family/carer

Members feel more communication with patient/carer could improve, but we are not sure how this could be done.

  • Dignity and respect to family / carer

Members of the forum are hearing stories and experiences of mental health staff becoming aggressive towards patient or carer.  Many members feel perhaps work pressure, bad relationship and lack of training could be causing this.  Family & Carers and patient deserve dignity and respect since trauma can be catching.

  • Carers not involved regarding Admissions, revolving door of mental health service.

It could be confidentiality problems again, the forum does not know, but we feel family and carers are not always involved in ward rounds with the patient and would like to hear from social services department or those responsible for social services at the trust.

  • Explain to family/carer why the ‘cared for’ as been admitted (preventative measures)

Too many stories and experiences of loved ones being admitted time and time again to the Ladywell Unit, feel their is a blame game on the patient refusing treatment.  Members think their certainly should be a trust responsibility as well.  Members want some improvement on why their ‘loved one’ is being admitted time and time again.

  • Also to keep the patient out of the ward (discharge plan)

Members feel the follow-up is lacking, a bad discharge plan increases the likelihood of the patient being admitted again.  Members feel information from SLaM’s patient database is obscure, something is wrong when patient/carer is not getting all information from the database.  The forum wants engagement for representatives of EPJS to explain what work needs to be done on the patient system and why it is so hard for patient/carer to be sent information regarding ‘care plans/emergency plans/carer engagement info’ and so on.

  • Should work to improve quality of communication to family/carer and also patient.

Too many stories of care plans not containing information or information not making sense.  Members of the forum understand there is pressure on staff to document reports, but still want quality to improve.

  • Have experienced carer not knowing what to do, it should also be a trust responsibility.

More of a problem for new carers, but it can be difficult getting hold of mental health staff, which is why support from Carers Lewisham has been so critical.  With the loss of SLaM’s carer support officers and also the loss of Carers Lewisham Mental Health advocate; family and carers are feeling the brunt of service cuts as it is hard to know who to go to for Mental Health carer requirements.

The forum members look forward from carer leads out in the community and would want to hear updates of SLaM carer lead network meetings.

Lewisham MH Carers forum November

133Welcome to the November update of the Lewisham Mental Health carers forum for 2017. This will be the last forum for 2017 until January 2018. The carers forum has been running in Lewisham for some years now and there has been some minor problems, but many successes.

For the November forum on the agenda we had feedback from South London & Maudsley regarding carer queries from the October meeting. The patient information officer did a great job in notifying the involvement lead, information manager and engagement lead regarding carer queries.

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