Here are my views on what Carers should be defined under.  This list is a work in progress.
1. All carers and families deserved to be listened to
2. Carers should not feel guilty of caring
3. Carers should have someone to talk to about their problems or be signposted to someone
4. Carers should be taken seriously
5. Carers need to think about taking a rest from caring
6. Carers should be allowed to give their views
7. As a carer, its important carers form networks
8. Carers should not feel pressured
9. Carers should feel valued by staff
10. Carers are the connection of a triangle between service user and health professional
11. Being a carer is a role and can be acknowledge as difficult.
12. There are different types of carers, not all carers are the same.
13. Carers should feel they can be trusted, even if carers are not allowed confidential info
14. Carers should be able to have some hope that their loved one is pulling through.
15. Carers should be allowed to complain
16. We know a carer should be made to feel that are allowed to be there for their loved one.
17. Carers should try to stay positive to help in their own well-being.
18. There is no shame in admitting that you are hurt physically or mentally
19. Carers are allowed to ask for support
20. Carers can be supporters, friends, families or helpers.
21. Carers should not feel they are to blame