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Greenwich Mental Health Carers forum August 2021

Welcome to a brief update for my Greenwich mental health carer forum. One of the carer groups I run with the support of Greenwich carers. As usual the forum focuses on unpaid carers who care for someone with serious mental ill health. The forum runs very 2 months since I mostly focus on my other group for greenwich, which is a carer peer support group.

The greenwich MH carer forum also focuses on engagement with unpaid carers rather than a peer supportive environment. Speakers for the Greenwich MH carer forum were as follow.

Victor Aigbe-Anderson – Social Care Assessor

We also had engagement from Greenwich CCG who have been active engaging in my carer groups.

  • Update from Victor Aigbe-Anderson

Victor Aigbe-Anderson who is the Social Care Assessor for Queen Elizabeth Hospital could not attend this time, but he did provide an update regarding service transformation and integration with South London CCG and Greenwich Council. Oddly enough for September both members of my Lewisham, Greenwich and even Lambeth attended to hear NHS England speak about Integrated care system changes. However if I have the time, I will update on what NHS England carer lead for London presented for September.

  • Update from Greenwich CCG

Since Victor could not make it, Greenwich CCG updated carer members on their initiatives. We were joined by iuliana Dinu who is the Communications and Engagement Manager for Greenwich CCG. Her focus was on improving Greenwich CCG communication in order to inform people and let them know about what services are available, plus where and how those services can be accessed. As part of her engagement role Iuliana and working very closely with Deborah Mo.

Just in case you might not already know, Deborah Mo attends my Greenwich MH carers peer support group and also my Greenwich MH carer forum. Deborah Mo is also from Greenwich CCG and is Greenwich CCG’s Mental Health Commissioning Support and Engagement Officer. I know it is rather a long title, but it is a very important one and I suspect many other CCGs have a mental health commissioning engagement officer, which is something carers should be interested in. Just a quick mention is that not only is Deborah a carer, but also has lived experience, which I find important when connecting to those using the services.

Deborah felt that those higher up the pecking order coming to listen is valuable, because as long since she has worked in the NHS, she has not yet come across anyone who does not care about the plight of patients and those that support them. Deborah does acknowledge that this doesn’t mean that when you’re very involved with work, overseeing patient numbers and squaring budgets that it is not possible at times to lose that connection with stakeholders. One of the carer members mentioned that listening is not enough and action or doing something is more important.

Deborah continued on updating what pieces of work are taking place in Greenwich commissioning. These include looking at providers being either both the block providers and the spot providers and seeing how things are developing. Other work and engagement queries look to address how do you move people on regarding their own health needs? and how do you help them to focus on their health and wellbeing. How do you provide the kind of support that encourages them to be independent? And that doesn’t mean that that’s a suitable solution for everyone. Another update was that Oxleas Mental Health Trust is also a lot of analysis at the moment. Deborah wanted to hear if any members of the Greenwich carers forum had been contacted by Independant consultants since she is interested in the outcome.

  • Concerns and queries over carer co-production.

The idea and focus of co-production came up as a topic during the mental health carer forum. One carer member mentioned that a number of things regarding carers involved in co-production, which seems to be fashionable in certain circles, however it often ends up that carers go to meetings where there’s no great purpose and we don’t get paid. They are not really interested in co-production as much as they are interested in getting services working, but failing that, they are more interested in networking with fellow carers because they are tired of co-production.

Deborah mentioned that she totally understands where the carer is coming from and her mantra is that people should be paid for the oppertuntiy of co-production. She feels people who are experts by experience they should paid. Another carer actually felt being paid is just a side track and they would not want to be paid, but are more interested in action since she feels there are a lot of holes regarding mental health provision.

Deborah responded that even though we are meeting virtually, there may be some issues around expenses and people who become involved can put the money to getting access online or travelling. There is also a sense in which, it is about the dignity of being recognized and you can choose not to be paid.

Lastly there were also updates from Greenwich carers on activities taking place at the building.

This concludes the update for my Greenwich Mental Health carer forum August 2021

Greenwich Mental Health Carers forum June 2021

Here is a brief update of our Greenwich mental health carer forum for June 2021. This carer forum focuses on empowerment for mental health carer, while my Greenwich Mental Health carer peer group is on peer support and carer networking.

We were joined by MP Matthew Pennycook who is the Labour MP for Greenwich and Woolwich.

Matthew was mainly here to listen to unpaid mental health carers, which he could take up be it compliments or concerns. I could not go into any details but a few issues were raised one on the state of GP practices. We were also joined by Nosizo Magaya who is CQC’s lead inspector for Oxleas.

Matthew Pennycook MP for Greenwich

Nosizo spoke about what the CQC that being Care Quality Commission does and how they engage with NHS staff, patients and those who care for service users.

Nosizo reminded us that the CQC are a regulator, so they regulate all health services in England. She felt that perhaps the CQC could describe themselves as the Ofsted of health care. The only difference with the CQC and Ofsted is that they can prosecute, if they feel that there are providers that are not providing the adequate care.

So the CQC as an organization has got teams of inspectors that go in and review the care that’s been given to people. Sometimes they respond to whistleblowing, or any responses from any member of the public. Typically, if they do get a concern, they will contact the provider. If the person who gave the CQC the information is happy for them to share it. The CQC will contact the provider and ask for feedback and query what happened with this consent that has been raised. Their teams are a combination of different people on their health care professionals, anything from doctors to nurses, physiotherapists, and also some that are not healthcare professionals being expert by experience.

Nosizo also mentioned that they are based according to team, so the London mental health and community health service team would look after oxleas and she is the main contact for oxleas. Some queries from members were worried how long it would take to raise questions to the CQC, although another carer reminded that even if the CQC did not speak to a carer during inspection, it is always wise to raise a query off the CQC’s website.

You can check out more from the CQC off the site below.

Greenwich Mental Health Carers forum March 2021

Welcome to my Greenwich Mental Health carers forum update for March. This is the 2nd Greenwich MH carers forum for 2021, since this is a fairly new forum aimed at families and carers who are caring for someone with mental illness.

The forum is not a support group, although there are times discussions may dwell on a supportive nature as members switch to talking about their own unpaid caring experiences. The Royal Borough of Greenwich MH carers forum aims to give families and unpaid carers a chance to talk to Mental health, health and social care services about how they can also support carers. The forum is a chance at engagement, involvement and empowerment for unpaid carers who would like to know what is going on with services. There also might be a chance to influence services when the Royol Borough of Greenwich mental health carers network grows in numbers.

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