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Mental Health Carers Forum – April 2017


Welcome to the April 2017 Mental Health Carers forum updates.

The MH Carers forum usually takes place once a month from Carers Lewisham. The carers who attend the forum are those who are unpaid looking for someone suffer mental health, but the forum has a few important notes.

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Bullying in schools & workplace

Welcome back to another blog post from Matthew Mckenzie a carer from South London.  I have done another collaboration video on the subject of bullying, which is actually quite common in schools and in the workplace, although not just restricted to those two areas.


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Living with someone with a mental health illness

What is it like to live with someone suffering from a mental illness? I felt it was about time to do a quick write up about the situation.  This time I decided to collaborate with someone living through a mental illness in order to get their views.

The collaboration was from an experience mental health survivor Jessica Temple who has her own YouTube Channel.

We both did a video where I talk about my role as a carer and Jessica who is from the States talks about her experience as a Care Taker.

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