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Being there for the family

cover-blogIt has been a while since my last blog post. Usually I review psychiatry or psychology lectures, but I thought to go back into writing more about carers. This time I think I shall blog about why people want to be there for others, especially those that are close to them.

The role of a carer unfortunately is not an easy task or one that people are often ready for. Who is to say when the next person is to be struck down by a physical or mental illness. If we are to begin that journey where we are to care for our loved one, there are many paths that we can go down and each path can make things easier or incredibly difficult in the long run.

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Review on How Perspectives Influence Us

Welcome to another blog post from Matthew Mckenzie a carer from South London. I thought to do another lecture review from the course “Perspectives On Abnormal Psychology”. The course is taught by Drew Westen who is currently the professor in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry.

Drew Weston

Professor Drew Westen

Professor Drew received a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University, then went on to the University of Sussex (England), and also received a Doctor of Philosophy in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan.

I want to go through lecture 1 from this course which looks into How Perspectives Influence Us

Dr Drew Opens the lecture talking about Phrenology and how researchers “if you can call them that” were trying to find out the relationships between skull size, personalities and brain structures.

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