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Carers Lewisham MH Carers Forum June

Mental Health Open ForumWelcome back to another update of the June Mental Health Carers forum 2017. The Mental Health Carers forum is a basically a forum for carers who care for someone using the mental health services. What I mean by a carer is someone who is unpaid and caring out of love, desperation or commitment. Carers are not care workers, carers do not get paid and they do not have clients.

The Mental Health carers forum runs from a carers centre in Lewisham. The forum has been running for nearly 2 years, but there is some exciting news as the forum is slowly networking with other carers and word is beginning to spread. Another Mental Health carers forum has just also started in June and there are plans for a few more Mental Health Carers forums.

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Telling our carers story

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If you are a carer or have been caring for someone for a while. It is important to acknowledge that you have been through some pretty difficult times. Yes, of course there has been some good times, times where carers can celebrate what they have done for those they care for. ┬áThere has also been times when the ‘cared for’ should be congratulated for moving forward with their recovery, however we must admit that there have been things in the past that require special attention.

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Carers week 2017 – Caring Communities

10177241_747738765268892_5890142387668348507_nAt long last, Carers Week is here. From the 12th of June till the 18th of June, there is a week long awareness about carers and what they go through. As far as I know, 8 important charities are engaging to get communities across the UK involved, encouraging people to register events and pledge support in the run-up to Carers Week 2017.

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Croydon “Hear Us” mental health forum

matthew mckenzieWelcome back to the first blog post of June. This time my blog is about a mental health forum that takes place once every month over in the London Borough of Croydon. I have been known to visit many mental health and carer forums around London, mainly to network and sometimes even help promote what those groups or forums are trying to do, however I certainly enjoy attending the “Hear Us” forum when I get the time.

The forum is the “Hear Us” reach out forum has been running for many years and if you remember a while back, every now and again I tend to cover briefly what happens at their forums.


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Collaboration with Jae Marie from Mental Lifestyle

Welcome back to another blog post from Matthew Mckenzie, a carer from South East London. My website helps raise mental health awareness from a carers angle, but I feel my site is versatile enough to try cover other experiences. This is why this particular blog post is a collaboration with Jae Marie from Mental Lifestyle.

We both wanted to raise the subject of “why it is important to raise mental health awareness”.

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