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My new book is out on the carers experience. If you are currently caring for someone who is suffering mental illness, this book will help strengthen your carer identity. The book will allow carers to relate to those who also have gone through that carers journey.

You can buy either a paperback version of my book or the e-book version via Amazon.

I cover several chapters in my book called “A Caring Mind”.

  1. Telling your carer story
  2. My story
  3. Caring through Coronavirus
  4. The tragedy of Young carers
  5. Carer traits and characteristics
  6. What I found vital for carer support
  7. Networking with Fellow Carers
  8. Including unpaid carers in NHS Co-Production
  9. The stigma of an unpaid Mental Health Carer
  10. What I learned as a carer