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Review of any audio or lecture focusing on sociology, especially some that relates to mental health.

The importance of community spirit

Welcome back to the first blog post of 2018. It has been a while since I last wrote a post, the last one I made was on the fantastic arts event held over in London borough of Lambeth.


Group of people together holding hands

So it is now 2018 and a beginning of new year, with new opportunities, challenges and awareness projects to raise regarding unpaid carers, mental health events and topics about psychology. Some people wonder why I have created such a blog site and why I cover mental health events and carer forums. I feel these specific issues need a lot of awareness raising. Mental health still struggles to get a decent platform and any help I can contribute to the awareness of unpaid carers and service users should continue.

Mother comforts her teen daughter

Mother comforting Daughter who is unwell

The thing is though, it is not just about service users or carers, its not always about mental health staff who work tirelessly to support service users and their family. It is not even always about psychology or psychiatry. I feel the larger aspect is community. I feel no matter how near or far, we are touched by mental health.

It is unfortunate that those around us only notice mental health when they see mental illness at its chronic form, either when someone is suffering psychosis, bipolar or a serve eating disorder, but we cannot overlook that each and everyone of us have mental health. We all can feel down at times, we can feel stressed and angry, but if we take that to another level then we are not too far from challenging mental health.

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Its not enough to say mental health effects everyone and that we should be proud of combating mental illness, we need to involve the community to learn about mental health and involve the community to understand wellbeing. The divide needs to be closed where those who suffer mental illness are kept hidden away while others who are coping well continue on hoping they will never have to face mental illness.

I hope to raise the importance of the inclusion the community, where the community can get the voice and speak about what is affecting their mental health and how physical health is tied with mental health. It might seem we are different and unique, but no matter what we are exposed to, mental health affects us all.

Matthew Mckenzie

If we can work together as a community and share the common apsect of wellbeing, so many great things can be arheived. People will always remember those who go out of their way to show understanding, education and most importantly kindness.

We should never forget community. Here is to a healthy 2018 for body and mind.

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Historic contributions to Sociology



Welcome to another blog post from carer Matthew Mckenzie. As you might have already know by now, my blog site is basically about mental health carers and how they can cope in regards to supporting those suffering mental health issues. However there will be times when I will divert away from carer topics and move onto educational topics related to mental health.


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My thoughts on the Samaritans Radar Application

The Future

Thanks for dropping by to read another of my blog posts, these posts are usually on mental health from a carer’s perspective. I am currently caring for a close relative suffering from mental ill health, so I have set up this blog as a form of expression, updates and support for myself and others.




Well ok lets get to this, I have been hearing lots of stories, news and thoughts on the new Samaritans RADAR app, for those who do not know. Let me briefly explain what the Samaritans do.


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London Met Connect – event review #LMetConnect

Welcome to another blog post. You know? I like attending well-being days and health events, especially events to do with mental health. Well I was in luck, on Thursday the 23rd of October, I just managed to attend the London Metropolitan university “London Met Connect”, which was presented by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.


The aim of the event was to get people thinking about mental health. The event gave attendees the opportunity to explore mental health and recovery from a number of perspectives, these including service user participation and local, nation and global initiatives.

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Where the Caring “Mind” comes in

After spending some time thinking of what else I can add to my carers blog site, I wondered what could be of interest to others visiting the site. As you may have already known, I am bound to review things, such as the events I visit, but what about other subject criteria?

I mean this blog is not just about the world of caring, its also a reflection of what I have been through and what I have experienced in the realm of mental health. I actually have another blog, which reviews audio lectures. Some of the lectures are to do with history, but the problem is this particular blog site is on caring and mental health, so I took a long hard look at the subjects which I wish to include in the blog.

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