Mind of a Carer

matWelcome to my latest blog. This blog is about caring and mental health. To put it short, I am a carer of someone who has mental health difficulties of around 11 years on going. My journey has not been easy, far from it. I have had to make my own path and have made some successes, but also quite a few failures.

Still if you are a carer or starting our as a carer, what value could this blog site offer you? why read this blog? Personally I hope this blog creates a path where other carers can use and find something new that can aide them on their own journey. This blog also tries to support other causes along mental health themes, but I do hope it gives the reader pause for thought.

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From my successes, I hope to share my thoughts as it will give you some comfort. From my failures I hope you can learn from them, so you will avoid such failures yourself. This blog will look to avoid blame on anyone or services because the best way forward is that carer, those with lived experiences and mental health practitioners work together.

My first blog will look to set the structure I hope this blog site will form.

About – Plain and simple, the about page explains what this blog is about.

Links – Interesting and useful links for carers or those with lived experiences

Mental Health – A page on looking after your own mental health as a carer

Most of my blogs will be added into categories

Thoughts – My thoughts for the day or depending on how often I post, you can agree or disagree.

Event reviews – I often visit events around South London and sometimes further afield, some are in another blog which is called “South London Health forum”.

Guest Blogs – These are blogs supporting this blog or visa-versa, because people might get fed up of hearing or reading my own views.

Campaigns – I work on certain groups and I sometimes might update others on here. Regardless if those are my projects or other people’s projects.

I am sure to add more categories or pages, but these will do for now.  I do hope you stay and have a look around, I am sure you will find something of use or interest.