Where the Caring “Mind” comes in

After spending some time thinking of what else I can add to my carers blog site, I wondered what could be of interest to others visiting the site. As you may have already known, I am bound to review things, such as the events I visit, but what about other subject criteria?

I mean this blog is not just about the world of caring, its also a reflection of what I have been through and what I have experienced in the realm of mental health. I actually have another blog, which reviews audio lectures. Some of the lectures are to do with history, but the problem is this particular blog site is on caring and mental health, so I took a long hard look at the subjects which I wish to include in the blog.

One of my favourite subjects is actually philosophy, not just to try and understand philosophy, but try to step back and reflect on things, I began to think this would be most suited to my blog site, but then I thought to myself quite a large chunk of philosophy is not needed when it comes to the world of caring, accept for some core parts of the field.


I next began to think about other subjects that is till I came upon introducing blog reviews on psychology lectures. I felt these would be a good match since the idea of the mind and caring is something that I have been exposed to, but psychology itself is not as close as the other two subjects which I am going to mention next.

These two subjects that deserves more time on reviewing would be psychiatry, which is a good candidate for introducing audio lectures that I come across, which can be added to this blog. I have wondered how the mind deals with life issues and what things affects the threshold of the mind.

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The best subject out of them all is the field of Ethics or morality, which is where carers fit right in, but not only just carers, I tend to watch people very closely and often wonder to myself why we do the things we do.

For example, some ethical questions relate to…

Why do people almost sacrifice themselves for their loved ones? Why do other people manage to just leave those suffering ill health to die. What is the best thing to do? Live for others? or live for oneself? Do we have a choice? or Shall it be better to just be realistic and do whatever everyone else is doing?

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You can begin to see those questions relating to philosophy, which ethics is a core part.

There are many tough questions to ask and perhaps some reviews may give a reader food for thought. When I talk about audio lectures, I listen to lectures from a company called “The Teaching Company” or “Knowledge Products”. These lectures are taught by professors from some of the best universities in the world. Most of the lectures mentioned are around 30 to 60 minutes each and to list some of the lectures I ll be reviewing are the following.

Ethics, A History of Moral Thought
Moral Decision Making
Questions of Value

While other lecture titles are

Psychology of Human Behavior
Explaining Social Deviance
Foundations of Modern Social Theory
Consciousness and Its Implications

….and more.

Its not like I want to school anyone or pretend I am clever, but I feel it is refreshing to have a section that makes us think about how we live our lives and how those decisions affects others. There are over 400 topics I have listed alone from.

Choice & Chance
Life’s Priorities
The Psychoanalytic Theory of Conflict
Personal identity
The forces that shape us

It does not take long to notice that the list is linked to the study of caring and eventually down the road to philosophy.

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