Carer Empowerment

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Welcome back to another blog from fellow mental health carer from South London.  I thought to do another video regarding carer empowerment.

The video can be quite controversial because there will be others who feel that the NHS is trying as hard as it can to accommodate carers and their loved ones, but unfortunately this is not always the case, so it is up to mental health carers like ourselves to be empowered to speak up.

The risk of not speaking up or speaking out that our loved ones may have to pay the price. Besides what can you expect if services go wrong? someone coming up and just saying “Sorry”?.

Personally, I do not think that is good enough and things can and should be better.

The video I made is only a basic view of Carer Empowerment and it covers the following such as :-

Being heard

Knowing your rights


Access to information

Carer Networking



Feel free to watch my new video about Carer Empowerment, I hope it at least gets you thinking about the problems mental health carers can face.