Top 10 mental health tips for the new year

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Happy New Year!! Welcome to another blog post from a mental health carer. This time I am going to write about what could help you for 2017.

I do not know if 2016 has been a good or bad year for you, but what better than to have a clean start for 2017.  On this blog post I will provide 10 basic mental health well-being tips that could be useful for a new years resolution.

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1. Get outside

We were not meant to be indoors all the time and sometimes depression, low self-esteem and worry can cause us to stay indoors.

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In Going outside we can get fresh air, exercise and find interesting things to do. We can also be sociable and meet people, which is not so easy if you are stuck indoors.

2. Write down what you have achieved

Sometimes as humans we put ourselves down constantly, there is always a risk we over play our achievements, but most times we under play them.

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Take time to pause for thought and write down what you have achieved for the day, or even the week?

3. Find a hobby

If we continue to do the same thing every day, then it is no surprise that we can find life boring

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Sometimes it just takes something new to improve our mental health and finding a hobby for the new year can change your outlook on life.

4. Learn from your mistakes

We are all human and humans do make mistakes. There is nothing worse than blaming ourselves for mistakes.

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If possible, try and learn from the mistakes of the past, admit it was a mistake and not done on purpose and move on.

5. Make new friends

If our social circle becomes smaller, we risk being isolated.


Making news friends can help us in so many ways, but remember to find a friend, you have to be a friend.

6. Be kind to yourself.

Avoid putting yourself down when doing the simplest things go wrong. Give yourself a break.

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The mind can often slip things in to say we are useless. We need to catch ourselves in the moment when we overthink bad things about ourselves.

Thinking kind things about yourself often enough, can really make a difference

7. Appreciate what you have

As people, we unfortunately compare ourselves to others often. We compare how much money we have, compare good looks, compare status

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If we take a close look at the small things we got, even if it is our health, then we do not always have to chase others worth to be happy.

8. Have fun

It seems so simple, but often society pressures us to be human doings and not human beings.

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Its not always work, work and more work, there can be time in our lives in just having fun, e.g. going outside, spending time with friends or even relaxing

9. Be in the now, in the present

Living in the past all the time can slowly eradicate the present. Especially if you have gone through some difficult moments.

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It is not the most easiest things to do, but the precious time of being in the present can make us concentrate on the future.

10 Exercise

Out of all the tips given for the new year, the biggest and quickest mental health benefit is to exercise.

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Science proves just going for a walk can give benefits to physical and mental health.