Living with someone with a mental health illness

What is it like to live with someone suffering from a mental illness? I felt it was about time to do a quick write up about the situation.  This time I decided to collaborate with someone living through a mental illness in order to get their views.

The collaboration was from an experience mental health survivor Jessica Temple who has her own YouTube Channel.

We both did a video where I talk about my role as a carer and Jessica who is from the States talks about her experience as a Care Taker.

In this video we talk about the following.

  • Our background experience
  • My role as a carer
  • Jessica’s Role on going through mental health.
  • Jessica’s view on living with Bipolar and PTSD
  • Jessica’s tips for caregivers
  • My tips for carers
  • Jessica’s views on triggers and warnings
  • My experiences of the UK mental health system

Both Jessica and myself would love to hear from other carers or caregivers who support someone close suffering from a mental illness.

My view is that caring can be a lonely journey and that there is a lot to learn about mental health, don’t expect to get it all in one go and do expect to make mistakes.  It is also important to get support for yourself.

Jessica spoke about the importance of moving forward and the use of distraction, plus the situation regarding triggers.  Jessica mentioned that carers should educate themselves regarding support those with mental illness.

If you get the chance, please view the video.  I hope you like it.