Lewisham MH Carers forum November

133Welcome to the November update of the Lewisham Mental Health carers forum for 2017. This will be the last forum for 2017 until January 2018. The carers forum has been running in Lewisham for some years now and there has been some minor problems, but many successes.

For the November forum on the agenda we had feedback from South London & Maudsley regarding carer queries from the October meeting. The patient information officer did a great job in notifying the involvement lead, information manager and engagement lead regarding carer queries.

  • Most queries centered on providing SLaM’s carer Handbook for GPs.
  • The trusts progress on Triangle of Care
  • Compliments regarding the trusts new carers handbook
  • Plus engagement from the Head of the acute pathway to the MH carers forum in Lewisham.

I gave feedback to the attendees to the forum and all who attended were delighted with the effort the trust took to engage with involved carers.

For the November MH carers forum, we had a carers lewisham advocate update the forum members on what Carers Lewisham is doing for carers. There was other updates on

  • Promotion of the MH Carers forum.
  • The upcoming Carers Lewisham AGM.
  • Update on the 4 carer areas.
  • Print out of the latest Carers Lewisham Newsletter.


We also discussed who is attending the carers forum for the new year, which can help with setting the agenda so other carers know what will be discussed.

During the forum Lucy Phiri who is the trust’s new modern Matron for Croydon and modern matron lead for carers dropped by to tell carers about what a modern matron does. Carers who attended were updated on the importance of quality on the wards, looking into CQC actions and engaging with families and carers. We found who are the 4 modern matrons for each of the 4 boroughs.


Queries from carers were on if there is or will be a deputy for carer leads because if a carer lead is unwell or moves on then it is hard to continue a carer focused role, e.g. chain of command breaks down for staff and carer.

Other queries were carers having trouble getting a carers assessment if their ‘cared for’ is not engaging with the services.

Lastly, the good news is that carers were happy to hear that there will be a new carer lead forum/network starting up and the Modern matron will take up some of our queries to the meeting the next day.