A Right Royal Celebration

Welcome to another carer blog post by carer activist Matthew McKenzie. I raise awareness of carers who try so hard to provide unpaid care to loved ones. However I am not the only one fighting for carer empowerment or making sure carers get counted.

We have several national organisations promoting the value of caring. One of those charities is Carers UK. A major charity giving the voice to carers all around the country. I have been doing quite a few things for Carers UK, one of them being the co-chair of their ethnic/BAME carers advisory group.

I have also attended and spoke at Carers UK conferences and have been given major support regarding my poems.

So today was a special treat in order to celebrate all what good works are promoted across the nation. We were invited to the Royal Garden Party, which was a special occasion due to the recent coronation of King Charles III.

At any party or event I tend to network or try to network, so it was great to meet other carers including CEO of Carers UK Helen Walker.

The weather held up the best it could so the day went perfectly well, but I did bring an Umbrella just incase. As we walked across the grounds we marvelled at the Royal gardens. I can imagine myself being lost in thought as there was so much to see.

After walking through the gardens, I could hear music growing louder and this was coming from the royal bands. We were spoilt for choice as there were two bands playing at each end of the grounds.

We then waited to greet the royals, but I was hungry left for some food and came back only to find the Royals had greeted one of our group. Serves me right for being too greedy.

Still the food was marvellous, but the problem was that I ate the food too fast in order to try network again.

The staff were pleasant and friendly and often stopped to chat to make sure everything was ok. I felt I was the king the way the staff treated me. One of them showed us some Ice Cream as she explained the different flavours.

It was not long before it started to rain with that famous British weather, but by that time I had talked to the other carers who contribute so much to carer movement.

All in all, I felt special and to be treated to such an important function shows the Royals have a focus for a caring community.

If you want to find more about Carers UK, check out the link below.