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New online Carers rights course by Matthew McKenzie

Hello Fellow carers. I have now practically finished developing my online course for those caring for someone.

This course can be accessed via the courses section off my website.

The third course is on Carer’s Rights, which is such an important topic to millions of unpaid carers out there.

The online course covers the following with over 4 HOURS of content!!!

  • Your rights as a carer
  • Human rights
  • What things carers usually complain about
  • How to complain as a carer
  • Whose is responsible for carer’s rights
  • Support from employers when caring
  • Carer wellbeing under carer’s rights
  • List of different acts and laws
  • Complaint escalation ladder
  • Carer’s Assessment
  • Tackling confidentiality.

If you are a caring for somebody and do not know what your rights are, then this is the course for you. Only £2!! Or just email me

Watch out for more online courses, which I will be developing very soon.

New carer identity course by Matthew McKenzie

Welcome carers. I am soon about to launch my first online learning course aimed at carers. I thought to try challenge myself to work towards the field of lecturing online and it had to be a course aimed at carers.

The course “Carer Identity” covers the following

  • What is a carer?
  • Why be identified
  • Stigma and labels
  • Holding to account
  • Whose job is it to identify carers
  • Types of carer identification systems
  • What happens after Identification and more

The course can be accessed by clicking on the course section off my website.