Friends of Cathja Event Review

On Wednesday the 18th of June 2014, I was over at the Hermitage Community Moorings based at Wapping for another of the Anxiety Arts Festival 2014 event.


However what is the Anxiety Arts Festival all about?


The Anxiety Arts Festival 2014 is a new London-wide arts festival, curated by the Mental Health Foundation. Taking place at multiple venues throughout June 2014. The festival explores anxiety, looking at its causes, how it affects all of our lives, and how it can act as a creative force.

London-wide arts festival, curated by the Mental Health Foundation and taking place throughout June. You can get more information about them off their site which is

Being a carer of someone suffering mental health difficulties, I had a keen interest in exploring what this event had on offer. I was told by Ann Sexton who is Learning and Communities Curator for the festival that this event will show new film by Albert Potrony which is called “The Potential Space”. The film focuses on the relationships between the people working in this unorthodox space, the work they produce and the setting they are in.

Cathja Art Exhibition

Albert Potrony’s The Potential Space is comissioned by Anxiety 2014 & Friends of Cathja and Funded by Time to Change & the Mental Health Foundation.

There was also drinks, a barbecue, some inspirational folk songs and a chance to learn more about the project and meet friendly people. The sun was out and the waves off the barge were soothing and relaxing. I felt at peace and could go almost anywhere as I explored the Hermitage Community Moorings.


I met the lovely Ann Sexton for the second time in my journeys getting views and going to mental health events around south london and she introduced me to some of the big players off the “Friends of Cathja” project. There was quite a good turn out and people were very friendly.




Again I took some time to check out some of the creations done at the “Friends of Cathja” project and a lot of the work was creative and very imaginative, where the theme relates well to the Anxiety Arts Festival. One thing about the Festival is that both the events I had been to was free and I am sure many others are free as well although some might not be. Remember to check out their site.


After wandering up and down the moorings I went into the exhibition because I was drawn to some music, which set the scene nicely.

After that song, we got to hear 4 songs from a lovely person who I could not catch his name at present, but as a consolation, here are at least 2 of the songs he sung with his recent band.

20140618_190817 20140618_191629

After hearing the folk songs, they showed the film “The Potential Space”. I listened how the project looked to involve anyone especially those suffering mental health difficulties a chance and the space to express themselves creatively at the bardge. A place away from the crowded pressures of society and to feel alive again. I enjoyed hearing the views of those involved in the works that they produced, how they got so skilled and left a mark behind for others to marvel at. There was not a hint of suffering on any of the workers as you can see how healing it was for them to express themselves in their work.


I then went off to explore the Cathja Barge myself and talked to a few people as I took some pictures. Learn’t how important that there should be a place in society for people to express themselves without any pressure or profit in such a way, that healing took place and faith and confidence was restored not only in the community, but in themselves.


As the event almost came to an end, I wandered off down the moorings and watched boats sail up and down the river, while the sun began to set and the splash of the waves soothed my mood.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I encourage anyone who is around London during June 2014 to check out more of the Anxiety Arts Festival 2014.