Happy Heads event 2014 review

Welcome back to another of my mental health and wellbeing event reviews. This next event I have been personally involved in helping to arrange with at least some of my ideas.

Happy Heads Festival

The event was on the 26th of July 2014 and it was aimed at young people to explore, learn and connect on expressing their views on wellbeing and mental health.  The event was held over at the Maudsley Learning Center, which is a venue over in the London borough of Southwark that hosts wellbeing events, meetings and workshops.

I have written a blog post that led up to the Happy Heads event, which can be viewed here.

I have also made a 22 minute video about my visit to the Happy Heads festival. Feel free to watch the video below.

Going back to the blog post how did the event work out on the day?  To be honest although I can give my views, I feel it would be great that a young person who attended the event should give their views on how they felt the event went.

happy heads Review

My main view of the event was that the event lived up to its expectations and more, but engaging with young people on health and wellbeing cannot be done with just a festival alone, but this festival was a great start and was certainly well attended.

When I arrived for the event, I ended up volunteering to help out at the Timebanking UK stalls.   I talked to a few people on what it means to giving your time and skill in order to help others.  Infact the Happy Heads event was centered around five themes being

Being Active
and finally “taking notice”

Wellbeing Themes

The Timebanking UK sections was on the “Giving” theme.  I got creative in that zone and built one of my main talent in which I can help others.  That talent was on computer skills, which was placed in the “Suitcase of Talent”.

The next part of the festival which I visited was the “Being Active” zone, where I spoke to several fitness instructors on the benefits of being active.

Being Active

Soon I arrived in a colorful and comfortable room facilitated by “IamGreeds”. Feel free to visited his site.  Basically the poet was hoping some young people can express what wellbeing means to them using spoken word, which was read out on the free mic session later on at the festival.

Another section I visited was the Mindfull Fun Fair zone, this area was linked to the “Taking Notice” zone.  I spoke to the stall holders about why it is so important to be mindful and be aware of how we treat others or how others treat us.  The stall holders were from Mindfull, which is an online support, information and advice about mental health and emotional wellbeing aimed at young people.

Mindful Fun Fair Host

Another stall holder at the Mindfull Fun Fair zone was representing the “beatbullying” organisation.  He gave me a run down on how bullying affects young people and why the beatbullying campaign was set up to tacking bullying.

Beat Bullying Stall holder 20140726_122018

Soon it wasn’t long before I got my creative energies following and I wandered into the DJ mixing room, which had quite an impressive array of sets placed in the room and excellent DJ equipment.  Mixing and scratching the records actually made me feel quite young again.

DJ Mixer

The music mixing zone was set up by RAW Sounds.  Raw Sounds is a programme of creative media sessions for people accessing mental health services.  Feel free to visit their site here.

One of the most impressive displays I noticed was actually situated at the basement level of the Maudsley Learning Center.  This section was being used by the YoungMinds Vs project.  YoungMinds vs has been set up to tackle School stress, bullying, sexual pressure, and lack of jobs for young people.  I had a great time talking to teenagers at this particular section of the festival on why they feel mental health and wellbeing awareness is important for many in the community.

YoungMinds Vs YoungMinds Vs Displays

There are other videos from the Happy Heads festival which I thought to help advertise, feel free to check out those videos as well.