Valentine’s day is more than just about love

Matthew Mckenzie (2)As of this blog post, today is valentine’s day. This is the day where people share their appreciation of each other. Where there is a chance to express your love interest or rekindle the flame of love on your current partner. Of course there will be many others there who do not have anyone to share the special day with, but maybe there will come a time when it is there turn.



However I would like to take the chance to express my points on how valentine’s day is more than just about lovers and buying gifts. Sometimes I feel valentine’s day is almost as commercial as Christmas or even Easter and some other special holidays. Sometimes we might even risk loosing the meaning of what love is actually all about. Yes, I admit there obviously should be love amongst couples, but this does not and should not end there.

Here is also a video I made for anyone who wishes to listen to my thoughts on the subject instead.


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Love can be expressed in many ways and often there is a form of love, appreciation and admiration within the family. Why would I bring this up? Well lets look at it closely, Valentine’s day will be over and quite a few of us will fall back into our same routine of trying to make a living, trying to keep each other satisfied and raising our hopes for the future, but then that special moment may have been lost when valentine’s day has come and gone. Although this is not the same for all lovers, many may continue to treat each day as if valentine’s day had never finished. I am sure this is quite rare though.

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I mean can you imagine someone providing that love and care through saying to someone that “they love them”, so in the hope that the person continues to see a better day? Can you imagine someone doing so many chores while their loved one is recovering? Perhaps you might even imagine such a person still ignoring the frail and physical weaknesses in their loved one, where others cling on to the beauty of others in order to strengthen their love.

Well I can imagine others who do this almost every day. Yes, I can imagine around 6 million who provide the above and more for their loved ones, be it their wives, husbands, sons or daughters, close friends or relatives, even brothers or sisters. I am talking about carers.

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Love is more than about gifts of roses and kisses. Love is more about the giving of cards and the expression of being loved. Love is more than about constant commercial selling of trinkets and items.

Carers provide the care and love to those who suffer mental health difficulties, physical problems or even both mental and physical illness. Most carers can go unappreciated with the care they provide and yet they express a love so strong that it can last as long as the energy is there to give.

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I hope many out there can spare a thought for those who provide the care, support and love to those who are almost clinging on to existence. Love is being there when there is struggle, hard times and even conflict. Love is not just for being there when the times are good. We carers can share in the good times, but lets not beat around the bush, the point of caring is that you are there to support those who are suffering through difficult illness.

So for valentine’s day, my gift is this blog post to us carers.

Valentine’s day is more than just about love, its about love and care.

Happy Valentine’s day.