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Croydon “Hear Us” mental health forum

matthew mckenzieWelcome back to the first blog post of June. This time my blog is about a mental health forum that takes place once every month over in the London Borough of Croydon. I have been known to visit many mental health and carer forums around London, mainly to network and sometimes even help promote what those groups or forums are trying to do, however I certainly enjoy attending the “Hear Us” forum when I get the time.

The forum is the “Hear Us” reach out forum has been running for many years and if you remember a while back, every now and again I tend to cover briefly what happens at their forums.


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Croydon’s Hear Us Open Forum – March

Hello Everyone, welcome to another of my blog posts and this time I am covering an event or forum shall we say. This open forum is from Hear-Us. Now “Hear US” is Croydon’s Mental Health Service User Group. They act as a coordinating body to facilitate, and ensure service users involvement in, the planning, delivery and monitoring of mental health services in Croydon.


So on Tuesday 1st March 2016 I was back at the CVA centre in Croydon. I guess It has been a while since I was over there.

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Croydons Hear Us Open Forum July 2015

Thanks for checking out my blog post on mental health updates, reviews and summaries.  Even though I am a carer from Lewisham, I am involved in the Mental Health Trust that provides services in South / South East London, although I do admit I sometimes wander away from South London and sometimes head to other boroughs.

As usual I tend to visit the borough of Croydon to get updates and also raise questions concerning mental health services in that area.  I took the time to review Hear Us (Mental Health Service User Project) open forum.


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