Art representing mental health

Hello and welcome to another blog post from Matthew Mckenzie mental health carer. This time I made another video on how art has been used in the past to express and represent art throughout the ages.

The video below contains a series of famous artworks that express what mental ill health can do to us and also shows work by artists suffering from mental ill health.  Some paintings can contain descriptions that can be stigma induction, but its mainly because I am trying to show how history interprets mental illness.

Mental health has made many of us ponder about how it affects us and others.  We all have mental health and at some point in our lives, it is worth some thought on how stress, depression, worry and other forms of mental health pressures can torment us.

There are many ways to express our feelings about mental health problems, one way is to write about it and another is to speak about mental illness.  Still, art has a way of quickly drawing our attention and making us pause for thought.

9-Edvard Munch – The Scream

The more mental health affects us, the more we may wish to try express how we feel about mental illness and many famous artists have taken up this opportunity.  We should try and connect with such artworks and marvel at how fragile we can be.

Hope you enjoy the video and it gets you thinking.