New podcasts released

Matthew McKenzie copy

Hello Everyone, It has been a while since I have last done some blogging.  I have been fairly busy, but as you might already know.  I have a new podcast channel and have made some podcasts regarding carers.

I usually try and release a podcast once a week, especially on weekends.  I am hoping to push this to twice a week and if I am lucky, I ll try get some interviews in and guest podcasters.  As for now, my main focus is blogging and trying to compile new videos off my YouTube channel.


I have just released a podcast on the 26th of June 2016 and I hope you have some time to listen to it and support my carer channel.  The podcast below is about the criticisms carers can face regarding the role they play for someone suffering mental ill health

The next podcast I made was around last week and this one is about being recognized as a mental health carer.  There are all sorts of different carers, but mental health carers can sometimes go under the radar, even when mental health has been highlighted in the news.  What we do not want is mental health carers being left behind.


Another podcast I made was on the “Triangle of Care” policy from Carers Trust. I have been caring for a very long time so I know when a policy is out to protect carers interests and increase communication and support for those involved.