Seeking mental health support

coverWelcome to my Carers mental health website.  This time I want to post about seeking mental health support. Recently I did a collaboration video with fellow YouTuber Just-Katie.

We both agreed to provide basic information on what you need to do if seeking mental health support not only as an adult, but also from a young person’s perspective.

You can view our video below.

As both Katie and myself are not mental health professionals, we are involved in the services, from Katie’s perspective, not only was it via a young persons view, but also from using the services.  My view was from being an adult carer, but also involved in shaping mental health services from my involvement as a former governor of an NHS trust and also helping to teach mental health staff regarding carers.

In the video we cover the following aspect.

  • The importance of speaking to friends and family
  • Looking after yourself.
  • Speaking to mental health charities.
  • Speaking to your doctor.
  • Seeking support at school.
  • Accessing support on an inpatient ward.
  • Accessing support in the community.
  • The use of online community.

Due to the constraints of time in filming the video, both Katie and myself could only cover the basic aspects of support.

Katie concentrated on how a young person would seek support, while my view was only on how you would try seek support as an adult.

Not all steps would need to be used especially if you only suffer slight mental health distress, this is because you are unlikely to be sectioned for mild depression, but if suffering chronic mental illness then the chances of a section would increase.

As a note, Katie provides in-depth advice and a unique view through the journey of the mental health system, so feel free to subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

Till next time.