Collaboration with Jae Marie from Mental Lifestyle

Welcome back to another blog post from Matthew Mckenzie, a carer from South East London. My website helps raise mental health awareness from a carers angle, but I feel my site is versatile enough to try cover other experiences. This is why this particular blog post is a collaboration with Jae Marie from Mental Lifestyle.

We both wanted to raise the subject of “why it is important to raise mental health awareness”.

If you want to see the video of Jae and myself taking about mental health awareness, please click below.

Jae Marie from Orlando USA is what you can describe as a Mental Health Advocate. She raises the mental health awareness because she has been through some of the most difficult mental health situations in the past, this being depression, anxiety and personality disorder. It was great that she agreed to collaborate with me in helping to talk about our experiences.


The important of mental health awareness

I have been spreading mental health awareness for a very long time now, must be close to 8 years because I have been doing stuff before I even started my social media channels. Having someone close deteriorate in front of you makes you want to shout out to the world that mental ill health can happen to anyone. Those suffering mental health problems need support, especially their close relatives or carers.

When you hear from Jae Marie’s section in the video, she points out the importance of tackling stigma. If stigma was eventually wiped out then so many people would reach out for help and support. No one need be ashamed of their condition, nor would would sufferers end up being isolated so much.


Unfortunately we have to face reality, stigma is not going away anytime soon and those wanting to open up about their mental health situation could risk loosing their work, being shunned by close friends or family and ending up being misunderstood. We must do our bit to say “enough is enough”. People deserve better, we all need to work together

You can find out more about Jae Marie off here site, which is

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Hope to catch you again real soon.