Lewisham Mental Health Carers forum August 2017

Here is the update for the Lewisham Mental Health Carers forum for August 2017. This is one of the older mental health carer forums in south London, the carers forum has been running for more than a year. Of course, When I say “Mental Health Carer”, I mean someone who is caring unpaid for a relative, friend or neighbour suffering from some form of mental illness.

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We had a special guest for the August MH Carers forum. The clinical services lead for our borough dropped by to talk about her role and to engage with the Mental Health carers forum. She talked about the services, who was doing what within the borough and gave us a breakdown of changes.

Through the discussion there was talk on how patients were introduced to the service and the pathway through to different aspects of the team the clinical lead manages. We did query the number of carers recognised by the service, but that can only be borough up via the patient system. Other discussions were issues from carers who personally found their circumstances challenging and requested some assistance, which the clinical lead gave support.


There was a request that more support groups be set up for those who suffer from mental ill health, but such groups are difficult to set up due to resource problems. There are a few things which are work in progress, that being on the process of making complaints and building a better relationship to GPs in Lewisham.

We hope we can get another guest speaker for September, but if not, then there is plenty of things to discuss for the next forum.