Lambeth MH Carers Forum update January 2018

Hello again. Welcome to my blog site raising awareness of unpaid carers caring for those suffering mental illness. The site also covers mental health awareness, psychology and more.

This blog post is a brief update of one of the forums I sometimes chair along with a co-chair. The forum is called the Lambeth Mental Health Carers forum, which has been running successfully for some months. I sometimes do not get the time to update on every forum I chair, so since I am not at work this weekend, I thought to try get some info out to members or those who are interested in the carer forum.


The Lambeth MH carer forum runs once a month and alternates from morning to evenings, which gives carers a chance to attend at different times. We had a good turnout of carers who wish to be engaged, involved and speak up about mental health and carer issues, but importantly we do not always want to complain, but compliment and record experiences.

On the agenda was guest speaker from Lambeth and Southwark Mind – Peer Support group lead on the aims and objectives of the peer support group. Fergus from L&S Mind spoke about the importance of peer support, how it is accessed and answered questions from forum members.

Next we had Nicola Byrne who is the new South London & Maudsley Caldecott Guardian. She spoke about what a Caldecott Guardian is and the importance of the role in mental health trusts around the country. A lot of time was spent on her section since forum members wanted to know more about the role.

Nicola also spoke about the online wellbeing application called “Health Locker”. She briefed us about it’s purpose and importance. One member of the forum even managed to find the application via his mobile. Nicola is interested on carers providing feedback on the online application. I believe more work is being done with the online site, but if you are interested you can then check the site via the link below.

Next up on the agenda was a brief discussion about the South London & Maudsley’s Involvement Register. i spoke about the importance of involvement and how to get involved as a carer at our local Mental health trust. Handouts were provided to the members.

Other things on the agenda were looking at getting feedback from forum members on how the forum was getting along to feedback to Carers Lambeth Hub. We then discussed the minutes from the November forum and received updates from forum members.