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Fragmentary – Artist Talks event Summary and review

Welcome to another of my blog posts on mental health.  It has been a while since I have attended any art events.  So I thought that I should pop over to North London to visit the Camden Health Centre in order to attend an event called Fragmentary. This event was promoted by the Free Space Gallery.


If you prefer, you can watch the video version of the blog.

The Free Space Gallery promotes health and well – being through the arts using their prominent position within the Kentish Town Health Centre and Queens Crescent Practice.  Please check out their site at http://freespacegallery.org/.

kentish town

So going back to the 5th of June 2015, what exciting art presentations was I expecting to hear and view?  Well before I continue, this event was called “Artist talks” and was presented by Fragmentary, which I ll also explain its website called fragmentary.org. Now this site helps to showcase artists work through the view of mental health, especially using photography as the form of creativity.  The website is at fragmentary.org

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