Top 10 things that carers should like

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You may remember some time ago I made a video about 10 things carer should be angry about, but this time are going to make a video about 10 things that I think carers would want from the NHS.

Obviously I do not want to make this blog too long, so I will be much more brief than I was on the other video.

Mother comforts her teen daughter

These are just my views so it might not be in common with other carers views.

Number one: The first things that carers will appreciate is that they are happy about if they are listened to.

Number two: The next thing is that carers would be happy with regarding the service they receive from the NHS would be not only if they are listened to but if their views are acted upon.

Number three: Another thing which makes carers happy and would make me happy is how their loved one using the service is well treated.

Number four: You might have already noticed but these are some of the things that I am mentioning would be like the reverse of what would make carers angry it is what I mentioned in my other video.

Comforting friend. Woman consoling her sad friend.

So if carers felt that they wasn’t recognized and basically what would make them happy is if someone went out of their way to recognize that this person is a carer.

It does not always have to go down to the carer’s assessment but how the carer was engaged with in the first place.  So when it does come to the carer’s assessment nearly all bases are covered.

Number five: Another important factor which carers take note is if a staff member’s on working for the services is being polite, friendly, being on time and getting back to the carer and promising to do as they say. Think about it if you are a customer the last thing you would want dealing with an angry customer service.

Number six: Although this might be difficult what would make carers happy is if they are given enough information to not only do the job but to alleviate the concerns about their loved one.

Number seven: Another thing which would make carers happy or make me happy is a carer is if staff told carers what they can do in order to prepare for the future. Now what I mean by that is helping the carer and the patient on what would happen if a loved one would fall unwell again.

It could be a living will, an advanced directive, power of attorney or an agreement to what happens if loved one falls unwell or is unable to make decisions. There is nothing worse for the carer not gain any support or not being told how to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Number eight: Another thing which I felt me happy is when staff member admit that thy were sorry especially if they made a mistake, again it is difficult for the carer to always have to take the blame when its well-known that a staff member working in the NHS social services was at fault.

Number nine: Another thing which I felt would make a carer happy MYSELF being through sickness by mean by this is if the carer was invited to meetings especially involving hands regarding the cared for again very hard for carer to deal with if they are shut out by the system and are not invited to meetings.

Number ten: This last part may not be about the carer’s role themselves but more on empowerment and I have been in the empowering role for a very long time so I suspect that carers like to be consulted regarding service changes is very important never for instance think that just because your carer you should not be involved in some form regarding decisions made on the health services.

If you wish, feel free to watch the new video I made for this blog post.

Well I hope these tips and thoughts are able to shed some light on what would make carers happy especially mental health carers regarding what the get from the NHS again feel free to subscribe to my channel and check out my blog site my Twitter channel fealty and feel free to watch other videos hope to see you again soon.

Good luck on your caring journey.

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