Anxiety Awareness


Welcome back to another blog post. This time I have gone back to focusing on mental health. For this post, I have done a collaboration video with KatieKat over in the States. By the way, I wish the US a happy Independence day, since it is the 4th of July.

Going back to my blog post, we both thought it would be a good idea that Katie tell’s her experiences off her section of the video and I ll speak about the anxiety on a more generalised aspect. My section looks at the symptoms and types of anxiety and Katie talks about her experiences.

To watch the video, please click below.

Anxiety if uncontrolled can cause severe disruption to someone’s life. Anxiety can affected someone in many ways. The symptoms can present themselves in the following manner.

Chest pains or tightness.
Feeling shortness of breath or smothering.
Muscle tension
Stomach ache.
Muscle tension
Shaking or trembling.
Sensation of choking.

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What can cause Anxiety?

A number of situations can cause anxiety being the following.

Being among Crowds
Stress at work.
Stress from school.
Meeting new people.
Having an illness or injury.
Stress in a personal relationship such as marriage.
Financial stress.
Stress from an emotional trauma.
Life changes e.g. marriage, having a baby.

Types of Anxiety

I cover some of the following types of anxiety in the video. I am afraid the list is not exhaustive.

Generalised anxiety disorder.
Panic disorder.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Social phobia.
Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Unfortunately in this video, we do not cover coping with anxiety, I think KatieKat might mention briefly what she does, but I think we ll do another video about coping with anxiety at a later date.