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Reviews of lectures or audios on psychology

Optimizing Brain Fitness Review – Impact of Technology

Welcome to another blog post from a carer in London. I thought to do another lecture review from one of “The Teaching Company” courses. This post focuses on the course called Optimizing Brain Fitness, which is taught by Dr. Richard Restak who is a Clinical Professor of Neurology at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Dr. Richard Restak

The lecture I am interested on this course is Lecture 11 – Taking Advantage of Technology. The course has 12 lectures and examines what connections in the brain creates our thoughts, what drive our emotions, and what control our behaviours.

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Psychological Views Of The Mind Lecture Review

I guess its about time for another review and this one is taught by professor Stephen Hinshaw who is the Vice-Chair for Psychology at the University of California otherwise known asĀ UC Berkeley.


This time I am going to review from a course called “Origins Of The Human Mind”. This audio course has 24 lectures, but the lecture I am
interested in reviewing today is lecture number 5, which is called “Psychological Views Of The Mind”. Professor Stephen seems to notice half
an hour is rather short, so he does speak quite fast and the topic level is fairly deep.

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Where the Caring “Mind” comes in

After spending some time thinking of what else I can add to my carers blog site, I wondered what could be of interest to others visiting the site. As you may have already known, I am bound to review things, such as the events I visit, but what about other subject criteria?

I mean this blog is not just about the world of caring, its also a reflection of what I have been through and what I have experienced in the realm of mental health. I actually have another blog, which reviews audio lectures. Some of the lectures are to do with history, but the problem is this particular blog site is on caring and mental health, so I took a long hard look at the subjects which I wish to include in the blog.

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