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The carers story

smallerWelcome to another carer blog post. My blog site works to raise the awareness of mental health carers, that being unpaid carers/caregivers looking after or supporting someone suffering mental distress. The website also tries to raise awareness of mental health, charities and their events.

So this time i want to focus how important it is to take time to listen to carers stories. Listening to how a person became a carer can allow us to relate on a certain level regarding their caring journey. Obviously there is no way a person can relate 100% to any carer, only at a certain level as in sympathizing or recognizing a carer when you see someone in a stressful caring situation.

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Carer involvement

Thanks for popping along to read another of my carer blog posts. Aren’t we lucky today, just this morning I had released a blog post about sociology and now I am blogging again regarding carer involvement.

As of this morning I am a carer governor of my local trust, that trust being NHS South London and Maudsley, I am also a carer representative at that trust and fairly active in the communities as I set on many forums and groups. Why do I do all this you may wonder? Well read on and I hope to get the message across.

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Carer Empowerment

Silhouette of man showing his hand on sunset sky background, Successful business concept.

Welcome back to another blog from fellow mental health carer from South London.  I thought to do another video regarding carer empowerment.

The video can be quite controversial because there will be others who feel that the NHS is trying as hard as it can to accommodate carers and their loved ones, but unfortunately this is not always the case, so it is up to mental health carers like ourselves to be empowered to speak up.

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My view of Carer support groups

Welcome to another blog post from mental health carer Matthew McKenzie. This time I thought I would blog about something most carers find useful, but is actually quite hard to provide. Before I continue, I would just like to mention that a carer is someone who cares for a person suffering ill health, but an important point is that carers are unpaid. Carers tend to fall on difficult times due to the stress placed on health services, cuts on other services, plus misunderstandings by those who have not encountered carers.

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Being there for the family

cover-blogIt has been a while since my last blog post. Usually I review psychiatry or psychology lectures, but I thought to go back into writing more about carers. This time I think I shall blog about why people want to be there for others, especially those that are close to them.

The role of a carer unfortunately is not an easy task or one that people are often ready for. Who is to say when the next person is to be struck down by a physical or mental illness. If we are to begin that journey where we are to care for our loved one, there are many paths that we can go down and each path can make things easier or incredibly difficult in the long run.

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The Philosophy of Carers

Hello fellow carers and all,

matthew mckenzie

It has been a while since my last blog post. I guess its because I have been so busy on so many things. One of my tasks is attending awareness events and also helping at events, especially mental health and carer events. Still, one task that can take quite a bit of time is providing care or support to my close relative.


There is one problem though when talking about being a carer, let alone a mental health carer. This would be down to understanding the carers world, it goes far deeper. Perhaps much more deeper than I could try to explain. I want to blog abit about the idea of being a carer, especially experiencing the task becoming a carer where you feel you have lack of knowledge about the situation.

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My post for World Suicide Prevention day 2015

matthew mckenzieSorry I have not blogged for a while since as with many mental health carers, I am currently caring in crisis. It can be so difficult, but when a loved one has to be placed in a mental health unit, then other things need to be placed on hold.

As of this blog post, I am one of those mental health carers trying to keep things stable while recovery for my loved one is vital.

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Carers networking – the reasons why its important

Matthew McKenzie copyThanks for visiting my mental health carers blog. Sorry to not have blogged for a while since I have only managed to get myself a horrible cold, although I have now recovered. I thought to blog about networking and if you have gone through my other posts, you would have realised that I attend many events especially mental health and carer events. My emphasis is that carers should try to avoid being isolated, which is one of the most unfortunate things to happen to a carer.

If you do not know already a carer is someone who takes time out to carer for someone perhaps a family, friend or neighbour. Carers most often do not do this out of choice, carers hate to see their loved ones suffer if they feel support is lacking for whoever they are looking after. There are of course many other reasons why people, families and communities feel compelled to care, but I want to save that for another blog.

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